Taken For Granite Art

Original garden art and pet memorials handmade from light weight cement

Memory Markers

When my special little cat Gilly had to be put down, the initial feeling of loss might have been eased a little had I known of this simple and affordable way to memorialize her.  A Memory Marker is more than just a stone with words.  It is a physical tribute connecting us to our departed pets and when we are ready, it is reminder to reflect on the happier times with our friend. 

Each marker is hand made to your specifications. Markers generally run between $30 and $100.  To discuss options and ideas for a marker please email me at TakenForGraniteArt@gmail.com 



Lucky's story was posted on Karen Bertelsen's humorous and inspiring blog  The Art of Doing Stuff .  Touched by her blog entry, I wanted to give Karen a marker to commemorate the little life which ended before it really began. You can see where Lucky's Marker has been placed here



"You know, if you're lucky you'll get a once-in-a-lifetime pet that
affects your life in profound ways.  Bob was that pet for me.  Hatch was
the one for Jake and Erin.  I'm so glad that you and I ran into each
other so that we could properly mark their graves.  Thank you again. "

- John (Bob's owner)


Markers don't have to commemorate. 

Words inspire and make areas special.  



Lenore's Sign

Though she is no longer with us, visitors will know of Lenore through the marker that was placed in her tiny but beloved garden.  



After removing the grass and replacing it with gardens and a path for the mail carrier, a toronto woman wanted to be sure the carrier knew it was to be used.  

The spikes are ensure the sign stays upright.