Mushrooms Mushrooms King Bolete Mushroom $55 each, Set of 2 for $100, Set of 3 for $140 This is the largest mushroom I make. It stands about 20 inches high. It is named for the edible Boletus Edulis which grows here in Ontario. In the picture the stem is darker on the bottom. That is Mother Nature's doing. The rain's moisture is being soaked up by the porous tufa. 192408745 Small Bolete - $20 each, Set of 3 for $55 204069997 Irish Mushroom - Natural colour $35 Called "Irish" as it is very similar to Entoloma sericeum a species native only to Britain. 190253736 Gray and White Irish Mushroom $40 With the tufa I like to use natural tones so that the mushrooms really make you think, just for a second that they are real. Like real stone, tufa's colour will intensify when wet. 192406386 Brown and Natural Irish Mushroom $40 Not sure why but the photo doesn't show the colour as well as it should. I am not very good with a camera! 192406544 Shaggy Mane Mushrooms Set of 3 for $45 Yes, we do not mind winter. Mother Nature darkened them with moisture. 108421562 Shaggy Mane Mushroom Single $16 This one appears dark as it wasn't finished drying at the time the picture was taken. 108421585 Shaggy Mane Mushrooms Set of 3 $45 199854445 Fairy Ring of Shaggy Mane Mushrooms Just could not resist having my own fairy ring. One neighbour thought they were real as they appeared and then disappeared a few days later. ;-) 106387938 Snails can be custom made to sit on mushrooms. I have experimented with making snails directly on top of the mushrooms - an effect that is very popular. If you want a snail for your mushroom you must pick a mushroom and then I will form the snail directly on it. 98159763