Taken For Granite Art

Original garden art and pet memorials handmade from light weight cement

Original Garden Art and Pet Memorials

Newmarket, Ontario artist LeeAnne Bloye's original garden art, planters and pet memorials are made from light weight concrete that resembles carved stone.

Typical concrete is composed of sand and stones which are "glued" together by Portland cement.  This mixture is used in construction materials and patio stones.

To achieve certain textures, density or looks for her work LeeAnne uses varying ratios and combinations of Portland cement, peat moss and various light weight geological  materials.  

Like natural rock her work has specks that sparkle in sunlight,  can grow moss  and  can be placed permanently outdoors.  Unlike real rock it is light weight and makes an excellent choice of material for placement on balconies. 


MushroomsAlone or in clusters, mushrooms are an intriguing addition to any style of garden.  All come with removable steel spikes so they can be placed on hard or soft surfaces. 






Turtles, fish, starfish, birds, snails and more.  Add interest to your pool, hot tub, deck, balcony, garden or even the bathroom!




 Memory Markers  

Discrete markers to honour departed pets. Made to your specifications.  









Bring a touch of old world charm and fantasy to your home, garden or outdoor living area.  Inspired by ancient carved stone gargoyles and grotesques.  All grotesques can be mounted just about anywhere using a simple steel nail. 






 To visit the studio and see the ever-changing variety of Crete-tures, or ask about a custom item please contact LeeAnne through  email.  

LeeAnne Bloye - Artist